Wow, it's been so long!
 Hi, and once again I am greeted by my own lonely journal page, with no one reading it :'( . Well hopefully some one will stumble across it and say "wow, this guy was pretty neat!" <-- doubt it, but I can always dream right? So there is some snow outside, and I have always wondered, how long has it fallen, and for that matter on moons like Titan, is there any life to see it? It's all so lonely to me. It's not easy to convey feeling through written words, and I applaud those who can, it makes me envious. But I can at least get ideas across, most of the time.  have given joining the military so much thought, to the point know what I want, it's maddening! If I don't join the Army, I don't see myself doing much else, I could fix computers but I don't see myself din that, for forty five years, even though killing people doesn't appeal to me much either, it's not hollow...

Hey every one!
It's been a while, yeah I know. I have some exciting news! Not really, but it is the second quarter at school, and as you can imagine I've been quite buisy. I got my IC3 level one cert last week, which is good. I was top in my IB Math Studies class, and Wrestling is doing pretty good, But let's get back to the main topic, which will be politics. I for one am a moderate, well that may not be correct, I just really don't care. Not because I am ignorant, more because every president will say this and that but at the end of the day in our current questionably corrupt political system it's congress and the electoral college that make the desitions. I would rather have a WORKING Communist government than a wrecked Capitalist government. Have you ever heard the prediction WW3 will be fought with sticks, and stones? I believe this because the world is getting desperate, there are around 8 billion humans and most of us in the first world are fat, lazy, and wasteful. The truth is we are running out of reasources to sustain the wealthy and the feed. This forces Polititioans to squable over water! which covers 2/3's of our planet's surface. And around 1% is actually drinkable, this number is steadly decreasing. Because we are a glutton of a parasite. So I predict by as earlt as 2050 we will have WW3, it is completely possible. On to less gloomy news, we had slush last night, it was SUPPOSED to be snow, but melted on contact with the ground, and not enough humidity for it to have clumped together. I was hoping for even less school, but I guess somethings are too good to be true. Comments concerns? ---> 

Ah, the week ends

It is the end of the week, more importantly Saturday, a lot of kids have projects to finish, and tests to prepare for (me). I also have a competition to prepare for in Raiders, which is coming up in November, but let’s go back a week and think about what we have and haven’t accomplished, I still haven’t been able to do my oral report, not that it is due anytime soon, I also still haven’t cleaned the fish tank, and the room is still junky, this is procrastination. Don’t lie to yourself everyone does it, and there is no easy fix, but what helps me do the work is let’s say that I got my progress report back, and it was all good until I go down to math, I get an F, now let’s also say that there is a unit test coming up worth 100 points okay, so until that point nothing had grabbed my attention in that class, but that is procrastination, lack of drive. And fear is a great motivator. You would assume at that point I would be studying and freaking out, no that wouldn’t usually happen I would be say “Oh I can study tomorrow, I just need to review four topics, but then Sunday rolls around and that is when the cramming comes in and it gets bad. So here is some advice to all the other students out there, When you have a huge project coming around it’s better to study about 15 minutes each day instead of huge 1 hour cram sessions because research has shown that the average human concentration span (not to be confused with attention span) is around 45 minutes. and after that you don’t learn or remember much, so if you have a IPod or I phone, there is a handy little app called: Homework tracker, it organizes your blocks, tracks assignments, gives you warnings and alerts, and even gives you a description of your assignment. have a nice week end guys

Recently Morgan Freeman died
He filled all those shows and movies with like, it seems though he has passed through the worm hole, before us. This brings me to a lesson learned a long time ago, people a temporary but our achomplishments will last as long as the human race exists. This is true because like it or not you have relatives, we have media, and blogs (like this one) that distribute media, and books, if it wasen't for books we wouldn't even know some cultures or civilizations existed. For example, not saying this is the best example but it is the only one I can name right now. Atlantis, many scientists are convinced that it did exist, because there are stories, books and tomes on a city on the water. We don't know the exact location, but then even if we did it would be hundreds of feet or even miles under the see floor from the current of time, I mean even ships that sailed from the americas to spain have yet to be found, and those things are brand new compared to atlantis. Now while I loved morgan freeman, he was kind of a creep, I mean he is like fifty and he has a thing for his niece or something like that, and she is twenty, which is really weird. But hey I don't blame him, celebrities have really stressful lives, except for Justin Beiber, no one loves him except for thousands of girls which I think is unfair, all he has going for him is his voice, he doesn't have a build for his life, I doupt even if he did work out that he could get big, he doesn't have any testosterone, I mean his voice proves it all. And before my post is over think about this. What is every one in the world stopped using cars, for ever. Do you want to know what would happen. Scientists predict that even if we stop poluting we have already damaged the earth too much the tempuratures would continue to rise, but I have a crazy idea, so CO2, okay now plants don't really depollute, that is a myth, they may absorb CO2 during their life, but the carbon never leaves their bodies, at night they do reverse photosythesis, well actually it isn't photosythisis because there is no or little light. But they take O2 that they produce during the day and make CO2, and when plants die they release all the carbon they accumulated when they were alive. But A/C's produce O3, now in the stratosphere the O3 turns into stable O2 and highly unstable O, if we could use a large amout of UV-A rays and beam it at the CO2, we could hypothetically produce carbon and O2-O3, a three shot punch, get rid of CO2, produce more Ozone, and replenish Oxegen. But it isn't practicle, because the UV rays on the sun are way more powerful, so that is it for today, see you guys!

Well it is now day two…

I really, really do anticipate the release of Halo 4, and to me it’s not really about the game itself, for me it’s about the story of the master chief and the struggles of the Spartans. You may be wondering why I am sharing this, well for one, the Spartans in the game have some basis in real life, actual Spartans really were taken at the age of six and trained in the wilds for a couple of years, they were and probably still are some of the highest trained soldiers in the world, if they still existed, what I am trying to say is that never think that your life can suck so much that you have the right to complain about it. You may be wondering where this came from, well it is quite simple really, these girls were sitting next to me at lunch complaining about how their moms wouldn’t give them their phones because they failed a test and that just left me going:thCA792TXN

Well that’s it for today, hope everyone either does their thing, go to the hospital for ODing or have a child if you haven’t accomplished any of the above I suggest you get a more interesting life ( the ODing part wasn’t for real, seriously drugs suck ), and have a nice day

Hi, this is my first post

Well As you all know my name is Peter, I currently live in Alexandria, Virginia. I enjoy playing video games, not so much going to work or school, but I truly hope no one does, or else you are a creep. Now on to more pressing matters, like the subject of me talking to myself, I would love it if some one would stumble onto my page subscribe, then suggest me to their friends, questions, comments? send them all to me


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